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A Modern Woman’s Guide to Perimenopause and Beyond

This book showcases a combination of personal stories, interviews, well researched facts, and lighthearted humor reflecting today’s menopause experience.

Meet the Author

Ariela Nerubay identifies as an EEAL (Eastern European American Latina), embodying a rich tri-cultural background that has significantly influenced her multifaceted values as an author, communicator and business leader.

An accomplished marketing executive, Ariela boasts an impressive track record, having held executive roles with the most prominent global entertainment powerhouses, including The Walt Disney Studios, Fox International Productions, Sony Pictures International, Televisa, and Univision Communications. Her expertise extends beyond the corporate world serving as adjunct professor at the University of Southern California in the fields of multicultural and digital marketing.

Ariela is passionate about paving the way for women to enjoy an equitable, healthy and empowered personal and professional life.

Not Pausing is her first non-fiction book.

I propose rebranding the term “menopause” as “Crown,” embracing the transformative and powerful essence of our life journey. Let’s recognize women in their third stage as triple goddesses and queens, embracing their inner strength and wisdom with power, honor, and grace.

Let’s raise our voices, create a movement, and name our own rite of passage.

Let’s describe our life journey as one filled with wisdom and grace, not shame and silence.

Let’s hail the queens inside us and embrace our crown moments.

#crownmoment and #crownjourney to share your experiences.

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